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SG2K 7 – Lucky Number Seven
June 9 -15th 2018

Driving 2000 miles alongside 120 other unique, exotic and fast cars, going to places beyond your wildest imagination, while gathering thousands of stories and experiences to share with your new friends… StreetGasm 2000 truly is the ultimate car challenge! 

Over the years StreetGasm 2000 has become one of Europe’s leading – and definitely most epic – road going adventures. StreetGasm 2000 offers its participants a unique experience not found anywhere else… We will take you to a whole new level of automotive experiences and show you everything that driving can be and more! Famous DJs, Youtubers, Athletes and TV personalities are among our participants every year. 

SG2K 7 – Lucky Number Seven goes from PORTOROZ to BUCHAREST

As the route is strictly secret and our teams will receive day by day instructions via the wicked StreetGasm 2000 roadbooks, we cannot tell you that much. But slowly we will reveal more and more about the SG2K 7 route.

First announcement is the startlocation. This year the big start of SG2K will be in the beautiful city of Portoroz, located on the sunny side of Slovenia. Portoroz is a vibrant town on Slovenia’s beautiful west coast. On Saturday the 9th of June, the lovely StreetGasm hostesses will welcome all teams at the impressive 5 star Kempinski Palace Hotel. This will be the first checkin for the most memorable week of your life.

Thursday the 14th of June, the Biggest SG2K convoy in history will arrive in the capital of Romania. Bucharest will be the finish location of SG2K 7 – Lucky Number Seven, expect an outrageous crowd to be welcomed by. This city that never sleeps will be the perfect location to host a crazy final party and to pop some bottles of champagne to celebrate an unforgettable week.  

Participate in SG2K 7 and get… 

  • Luxurious 5-star hotel accommodations
  • Luxurious breakfasts
  • Designated StreetGasm 2000 parking at all accommodations
  • Day by day unique StreetGasm 2000 roadbooks
  • Entry to all StreetGasm 2000 parties and events
  • Complete SG2K sticker package (choice of 3 colors)
  • 24/7 crew assistance during StreetGasm 2000
  • Unique StreetGasm 2000 welcome package
  • StreetGasm 2000 extra’s and surprises throughout the week

Tailor your registration to suit your needs

Next to all the awesome features included in the regular SG2K participants package there are additional options to suit your needs.

  • No Sponsor Stickers Package
    With the No Sponsor Sticker Package you only have to wear the StreetGasm logo on the car. The sponsor stickers that are normally required don’t have to be fitted on the car.
  • Luggage Service
    We will transport your luggage during the SG2K adventure. Our designated luggage crew delivers your luggage from hotel to hotel.
  • VIP Hotel Check-in
    The easiest way to arrive at the hotel. Checkin at the SG2K desk, receive your roomkeys and go to your room. No need to wait in line at the hotel reception desk!
  • Room upgrade package
    With this package you will upgrade your room in every hotel with at least 1 category.
  • Car Cleaning Service (3x)
    Our partner Eco Car Cleaners will clean your car three times during SG2K. Simply stick the Clean My Car voucher behind the window and your car will shine again.
  • Car Transport
    Your car will be transported by a professional exclusive car transport company to the start of the event and/or back home after the rally.
  • Personal Car Wrap
    Creating a complete theme will not only makes you stand out from the crowd, it is also the best way to win SG2K. Our wrappartner RKP18 would be happy to contact you for a custom designed carwrap.

Car requirements

To Drive StreetGasm2000 a minimum age of 18 is required as well a driving license. Any special or sporty car is accepted as long as it has 400 factory horsepower. (of course exceptions are made). If you are in doubt do not hesitate contact us. You can see the participating teams of SG2K 7 by clicking here.

Additional sponsors

Once you have placed the StreetGasm sticker package on your car, you can add stickers from your own personal sponsors. As long as the stickers won’t conflict with our official StreetGasm sponsors. If so please contact us so we can make an arrangement. We always keep the right to refuse, or remove stickers from the car.

Payment terms

Below at the tickets section you can find the prices of the SG2K 7 packages we offer. These prices are excluding 21% VAT. One registration is for one team, which consists out of 2 people driving 1 car.

With your registration, you have agreed to fulfill a deposit payment of €500,- within 48 hours to secure your spot. This deposit payment is non-refundable. After you have made the deposit, your team will be placed on the official team page.

Once you have paid your deposit payment for SG2K 7, the full registration fee have to be fulfilled within 30 days. Any payments made after this 30 days wil incur a late payment fee of €500 per team, no exceptions. 


Join the StreetGasm family, join the party


    You can  expand the SG2K Package with extra’s as you wish. Standard included is:

    • Luxurious 5-star hotel accommodations  
    • Luxurious breakfasts 
    • Designated StreetGasm 2000 parking at all accommodations 
    • Day by day unique StreetGasm 2000 Roadbooks
    • Entry to all StreetGasm 2000 parties and events 
    • Complete SG2K sticker package (choice of 3 colors)
    • 24/7 crew assistance during StreetGasm 2000 
    • Unique StreetGasm 2000 welcome package 
    • Personal SG2K Teamprofile + StreetGasm team section 
    • StreetGasm 2000 extra’s and surprises throughout the week                                

    Price is per team of 2 people, driving 1 car.

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    €5.090,00 incl. belastingen voor leden €5.500,00 incl. belastingen voor niet-leden Evenement afgelopen


    This package gives a true entrepeneur the opportunity to use it’s maximum possible exposure during the StreetGasm 2000 Challenge. Your car will stand out from the rest and your company will be visible throughout the whole event. This type of marketing activity not only creates credibility, but you are also building your brand awareness to a wider audience.

    • SG2K Package
    • Your own unique (company) carwrap
    • VIP Parking on all the SG2K Checkpoints
    • No sponsor sticker package
    • Professional photo/video material of your car during SG2K

    Price is per team of 2 people, driving 1 car.

    bekijk meer details
    €10.175,00 incl. belastingen voor leden €11.000,00 incl. belastingen voor niet-leden Evenement afgelopen

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