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10.05.2019 – 10.13.2019
New York City – Middleburg – White Sulphur Springs – Asheville – Atlanta – Ponte Vedra – Miami Beach

StreetGasm Goes USA

In the search for new and inspiring environments, StreetGasm is thrilled to announce that the inaugural event in the USA is taking place in October 2019. To expand activities in the automotive industry, StreetGasm is building a bridge between the strong European community and the United States of America.

The first edition of StreetGasm goes USA will be a driving experience starting in the heart of New York City and finishes in the vibrating city of Miami. Along the route iconic hotels will be visited and thrilling driving routes will be attended, while visiting unique landmarks that create a memorable East Coast driving experience.

StreetGasm is bringing together petrolheads from the USA and Europe for a week full of automotive pleasure. A limited and selected group of 30 high-end exotic car owners will form an eclectic group of drivers from both continents looking for an ultimate experience. This brand new iconic driving experience will set a new automotive standard in the USA and bring the StreetGasm format to the country everybody is dreaming about.

For more information, have a look on the StreetGasm US website or download the brochure.
If you have any questions regarding this event, don’t hesitate to contact us at:

     Maurice Hartsuiker: +31 (0)6 14 50 50 43
     Emil Ronhaar (NL): +31 (0)6 20 89 64 26
     Emil Ronhaar (USA): +1 (305) 783-8661

Download brochure (PDF,  3,8Mb)

StreetGasm Goes USA Route

SAT OCT 05 | New York City
SUN OCT 06 | Middleburg
MON OCT 07 | White Sulphur Springs
TUE OCT 08 | Asheville
WED OCT 09 | Atlanta
THU OCT 10 | Atlanta
FRI OCT 11 | Ponte Vedra 
SAT OCT 12 | Miami Beach

Participate and get:

  • 8 Hotel nights in 5 start hotels (one room per team)
  • 30 Orgasmic exotic sports cars
  • The ultimate East Coast driving experience
  • All-inclusive luxury experience
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinners included
  • Exclusive private StreetGasm events
  • Iconic, exclusive lunch locations
  • Dedicated parking at all venues
  • Bringing together American and European car culture
  • Focus on challenging driving roads
  • Activities at the daily checkpoints
  • Additional StreetGasm surprises
  • Attention to all detail, the European way
  • Designed day-by-day roadbooks
  • Staffmembers with 24.7 assistance during the event
  • A professional photo- and videoteam documenting the week
  • Car shipping is not included but offered through our partners
  • Airfare not included
  • Rental car is not included, but we are happy to bring you in contact with our rental partners

StreetGasm Goes USA Payment terms

The StreetGasm Goes US entry fee is $14,900, this is including all taxes and covers a team of 2 persons driving 1 car. Full payment needs to be fulfilled within 14 days after your registration. StreetGasm members will receive a discount!

Car requirements

To drive StreetGasm Goes USA a minimum age of 18 is required as well as a driving license. Each entrant brings their own vehicle. Any special or sporty car is accepted as long as it has 400 factory horsepower. Exceptions are being made though, if you have a less powerful car but you think it is StreetGasm worthy send us an email!

We are happy to bring you in touch with our USA partners to discuss the possibilities of a rental car.


StreetGasm Goes USA | Impression

Find more information about this rally and the chance to register on the designated StreetGasm Goes USA website.


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